Forest Wonderland Changeable Treehouse

Forest Wonderland Changeable Treehouse

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This handmade wooden changeable treehouse is handcrafted.  We use natural locally sourced pine. 

With this beautiful set, children can create amazing stories, its changeability enhances creativity and imagination, together with hand/eye coordination needed to balance the different levels.  

* This product is not suitable for under 3's it contains small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Included in this product is: 

- One Changeable Tree House set

- Set of Four rocks

- Set of Three green bushes

- Set of Woodland creatures including Squirrel, Rabbit, Deer, Turtle, and Butterfly.

- Set of Mixed Size Trees.



2x XTall - 18.5cm High 12cm Wide

2x Tall13cm High, 10cm Wide 

1x Medium 10cm High, 8.5 Wide 

1xShort 6.5cm High, 8.5 Wide 


Xlarge- 29cm by 18.5cm

Large - 22cm by 18cm 

Medium - 12cm by 14cm

Small - 11cm by 8.5cm.