Forest Wonderland Changeable Treehouse

Forest Wonderland Changeable Treehouse

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Our Forest Wonderland Changeable Treehouse does more than just look amazing; it also helps children develop imagination, creativity, and hand/eye coordination as they stack the pieces to create a magical make-believe world.

* This product is not suitable for under 3's it contains small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Included in this product is: 

- One Changeable Tree House set

- Set of Four rocks

- Set of Three green bushes

- Set of Woodland creatures including Squirrel, Rabbit, Deer, Turtle, and Butterfly.

- Set of Mixed Size Trees.



2x XTall - 18.5cm High 12cm Wide

2x Tall13cm High, 10cm Wide 

1x Medium 10cm High, 8.5 Wide 

1xShort 6.5cm High, 8.5 Wide 


Xlarge- 29cm by 18.5cm

Large - 22cm by 18cm 

Medium - 12cm by 14cm

Small - 11cm by 8.5cm.