Are We There Yet?
Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

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This Wonder box is based around the story Are we there yet? a story about Molly and Harry who are in for a fun ride and a picnic with some very special surprise guests. Come and join them on their journey and you can be certain you won't be bored!

What’s in your box?

¨ Are we there yet? (New Book)

¨ Handmade forest play mat

¨ Set of handmade roads

¨ Handmade wooden pond

¨ Set of three figurines (These may change from ones pictured)

¨ Three small trees

¨ Three little pigs

- Small logwood table

¨ Bundle of sticks

¨ Set of three handmade houses

¨ One red car

 Our resources are designed to encourage open-ended play that acts as an invitation to explore. This box has been designed as a small world exploration of the book Are we there yet?. When this box is set up it should pose the question of "I wonder what I will see on my travels?".

*Not Suitable for Children Under 3.

Some of the items contained in this box are small, posing a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age or children who still place objects into their mouths.