An Amazing Snowman
An Amazing Snowman

An Amazing Snowman

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This Wonder Box is based on the story An Amazing snowman Featuring Olaf, the happy-go-lucky comic relief of Disney's Frozen, this humorous tale of what it means to dream is told in verse and features charming illustrations. Children will love this story and being able to act out his journey will make the story even more memorable. 
This Wonder Box Includes:
  • An Amazing Snowman (New Book)
  • Two handmade wooden trees
  • Five handmade fish rocks
  • A set of six handmade wooden honeycombs and two wooden bees
  • A set of shells
  • Three handmade mountains
  • Two wooden snowmen
  • A book stand
  • Small house
  • A handmade four seasons mat
  • Five dandelion field wood cookies

Our resources are designed to encourage open-ended play that acts as an invitation to explore. This box has been designed as a small world exploration of the book “An Amazing Snowman”. When this box is set up it should pose the question of “I wonder what season it will be?”.

 All of our wooden handmade items are made from locally sourced pine and finished with non-toxic acrylic paint.