About Us

Here at Parts of Play, we believe that a children’s environment can empower a child’s curiosity and creativity.

Children who are engaged in their environment, who are in charge of their own play and are able to take the lead in their learning, learn and retain more information.

Our resources are designed to encourage open-ended play that acts as an invitation to explore.

They can be used to create an environment that is filled with beauty and wonder.

Each resource is carefully selected with children in mind. Our aim is to bring you a variety of choices in one place, instead of searching the internet or shops endlessly. We have everything you need right here and are able to deliver it to your door. If we don’t then let us know what you are looking for and we will see if we can find it for you. Throughout this process, we have discovered that we love creating our own resources made from good quality pine, non-toxic acrylic paint and transferring images that then create original imaginative products that we know your children will love - since I can't seem to keep my son away from them. 

Best of all we are Aotearoa/New Zealand based which means no long wait times for delivery.

Parts of Play Team

Our company was inspired by our experience as mothers and educators who love to see children being able to make their own discoveries and create experiences through play.

As educators, we understand that learning during our children’s formative years is paramount for growing them into life-long learners.

We are a mother-daughter team, who have been in early childhood education for 10 years, and have experience with the center’s environment as well as bringing up a family.

Hi, I’m Brenda,

As a mother and grandmother, the joy on children’s faces as they explore and discover for themselves is to me one of life’s greatest joys to experience. Going through life challenges sometimes brings new paths, and for me, one of these paths was becoming an early childhood teacher with a Bachelor of Teaching (early childhood). This came with its own set of challenges, however, I came out the other side with a renewed passion for children’s learning and creating inspiring environments to help them flourish.


Hi, I'm Alicia,

I am a full-time mum, fully registered early childhood teacher and now an entrepreneur who loves to read every spare moment I get. Granted that’s been a lot less since my little man came along and even less with my new baby girl. But the joy of reading to my children is just as wonderful and fulfilling as reading for myself. The idea for creating Parts of Play happened while I was searching through boxes of different toys trying to put together a small world environment while at work. I wanted to create an easier and faster way for teachers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, in fact anyone who is looking after our young children to be able to inspire and engage their wonderful little minds, filling them with wonder. My favorite part of being a teacher and a mother is watching our children be truly engaged in there toys and imaginative worlds.