Bringing children’s books alive.

Parts of play is about bringing children's books alive. 

We believe books have a fantastic way of helping with children's cognitive and emotional development and understand that when combined with hands-on play, it leads to the amazing miracle of the hand-brain connection.  

A beautiful example of this can be gleaned from the life of Helen Keller, who, although was blind and deaf as a toddler, gives us a poignant testimony that the fullness of life can be gained through combining hands and language.  

These are some of the reasons why we feel books so crucial for our children. 


Gives an opportunity for quality bonding moments: 

Reading aloud to children creates opportunities for snuggling moments as you immerse into a story; your child's mind opens to the imaginary world of books. As you get further, you may notice even questions will develop. This indeed is a Wow moment for you and your child.  

Children's focus and concentration skills are developed: 

Reading aloud allows children to build literacy skills of understanding and focus as they enjoy this special time. As our Parts of Play programme extends into play-based learning where a book and props together provoke learning moments of focus, concentration, and imaginary play.  

Can create a calming environment:  

Books can often help children relate to their experiences and feelings, especially children who are finding it a bit of a struggle with something new or a different environment. So many books, so many titles, we are spoiled for choice. By reading out loud, this can often help children acknowledge the feelings that they may have inside, so it can help reduce the scariness of the unknown.  With the props provided within our boxes, the child then can also reenact the feeling he or she may be experiencing. Children acknowledge their feelings through imaginary play, which gives adults a way to support the child's emotional state. 

Are you interested in learning more about literacy in the early years? Here are some books which you may like to look at for further information on the "importance of reading" a bit of something for everyone. Enjoy. 

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